Pelican Setup

Posted on Thu 24 August 2017 in Random • Tagged with setup

Install Pelican:

sudo -H pip install pelican Markdown typogrify

Install Pelican themes

git clone --recursive
sudo /usr/local/bin/pelican-themes --install pelican-themes/Flex
sudo chmod 755 /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/pelican/themes/Flex

Install Pelican plugins

git clone …

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USACO setup

Posted on Mon 28 March 2016 in Programming • Tagged with programming, usaco

USACO is fun. Though it is fairly easy to get up and running on the platform, there remain a few repetitive steps during problem solving that can be automated. Here is a brief summary of my automation steps:

  1. Use a template. Here is mine. Save it as template.cpp:
 1 …

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Posted on Sun 27 March 2016 in Programming • Tagged with programming, usaco

I love competitive programming. I love the anticipation while I wait with my fingers crossed after submitting a solution. And the rush that follows after getting an ‘AC’.

After stagnating near the 60-70th percentile for eons, I have decided to dedicate focused practice time for competitive programming. The next series …

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Facebook Hacker Cup 2015 Qualification Round Solutions

Posted on Mon 12 January 2015 in Programming • Tagged with programming, facebook hackercup 2015

Facebook recently organized the qualification round of Hacker Cup 2015. They posed some interesting problems and anyone who could get at least one problem right can move to the next round.

I managed to get a rank of 217, with a perfect score of 100. I have posted my solutions …

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Generating Power Set

Posted on Mon 05 January 2015 in Programming • Tagged with programming

Iterating over all possible subsets of a set is a problem that can arise not only in competitive programming but also in day-to-day programming. While the total number of possible subsets is quite huge (2^n where n is the cardinality of the input set), often we want an algorithm …

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